Painting of the Planets!

The Alvaston Park Science Garden, which was conceived by Katie Smith of Alvaston Park Friends, was opened in January 2012 and became the first Science Garden in this country. It has been a popular addition to the activities in the park but over time the planets have lost some of their original sparkle. Rachel Taylor, who is the events organiser for Alvaston Park Friends, managed to negotiate help from the local YMCA to tackle the job of repainting the planets.

The task was completed on July 1st 2021 by artist Gabriel Tudorache (YMCA), activities coordinator Martin Matamoros (YMCA), and Katie Smith. The results are brilliant as you can see from the pictures below showing the planets resplendent in their new colours.

Many thanks are due to the willing volunteers Gabriel and Martin and to Katie and Rachel who organised this project.